Mocha Girdle line

Caribbean Shape offers a great selection of girdles that can benefit your recovery from a cosmetic surgery, improve weight loss, and improve recovery from giving birth if used daily.
In our big selection of inventory, we have a line of mocha girdles, made for ladies with mocha skin tones or for wearing under dark or mocha-colored clothing.

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Colombian Compression Push-Up Garment

The most common use of the Colombian Push-Up garments are post-surgical use and post-partum use, but other affects you can take advantage of include push-up use from a girdle. For example, push-up panty girdles are designed to lift your bottom and also counteract gravity’s effect on your muscles. With the use of a push-up panty girdle, the muscle is well protected against gravity’s effect and will have a perfect look. Caribbean Shape’s push-up panty girdles are designed to give you a sexy look while taking care of your body.

Taking care of your body with Caribbean Shape Colombian Fajas

Even though Colombian fajas are amply known in the market as fajas for recovery time after a surgery, there are many other reasons for the product. One of them is the fact that it improves your body’s posture because of the high compression of the material, helping your back to stay straight, preventing a bad posture. It also helps with reducing muscular stress due to its compression, much like you would compress a strained muscle, and to reduce marks left by a bra or jeans.
Wearing a high compression Colombian faja will make you look great, all while taking care of your body!

Diets and high-compression Colombian fajas

Since we sell high-compression Colombian fajas, which are of great help to those who have tasked themselves with losing weight, we have had a big number of clients that are on a diet. From this clients, we have learned about different diets and experiences from these clients. We have learned that, unfortunately, some diets were not a good decision and caused as consequence, not weight loss, but weight increase, and some even caused dangerous eating disorders that involved health problems. For this reason, we have tasked ourselves with recommending a simple step to follow with the goal of avoiding these complications.

The step that must definitely be first is the visit to a professional dietitian. This is because a professional knows all technical tools which he or she learned during their professional studies to recommend and prescribe the measures and food to control your weight loss. A professional in nutrition most likely will order medical exams to know with certainty your hormonal levels and body composition, which will dictate your food portion sizes and components. As an example, a client of ours who did not know her protein levels were very high, based her diet in a daily salad with added protein, which unfortunately caused her protein levels to skyrocket, which turned out as a hormonal imbalance, giving her kidney problems and an eating disorder, which caused her to gain weight.

You must always accompany your diet with plenty of water, and a high-compression Colombian faja to reduce side effects such as stretch marks.

How high-compression girdles can help you lose weight

People who choose to stick to a diet lose weight quickly, and even more if they exercise during this period.

With weight loss comes size decrease. You can decrease up to 5 sizes in 6 months, which corresponds to about 40 pounds depending on starting weight.

Losing weight quickly is the goal of many, but you should also be careful, because unfortunately, many of these people encounter problems after their diets and exercise pays off, such as loose skin and muscle mass decrease.

Loose skin and loss of muscular mass are side effects that can be controlled if you have an organized diet designed by a professional dietitian, tons of exercise, and a high-compression girdle, which will help your skin return to your muscles and make the end result much better.

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Why you should wear a high-compression post-surgery faja after lipo

Patients of cosmetic surgeries (such as liposculpture, tummy tucks, liposuction localized on the back, abdomen, arms, or other body parts) that did not wear a high compression post-surgery faja, preferably made out of powernet, during their recovery process, might be suffering complications such as fibrosis. The term fibrosis describes the thickening and scarring of connective tissue, usually as a result of injury, and it impedes good results from a cosmetic surgery.
Fibrosis might be a side effect of surgery because the surgery’s goal is to remove excess fat in a specific body area, leaving some loose skin and dents on the patient’s body, where fluids can harbor, and impeding drainage of these fluids. The accumulation of these fluids causes the fibrosis.
To prevent complications such as fibrosis, the best course of action is to wear a high-compression post-surgery faja made out of powernet, to allow the skin to adhere to your muscles again.

High waist girdle shorts by Caribbean Shape could help you gain Latin curves

Thanks to the past fashion of low waist jeans, women who have gained weight gain it on the waist and lose their curves easily. To help these women regain their curves, Caribbean Shape has designed a special type of shapewear: high waist girdle shorts. Caribbean Shape girdle shorts are made out of high-compression Powernet in Colombia, specially designed to improve your shape and lift your bottom.
Women who wish to increase bottom sizes can benefit from this product because of the very discrete butt lifter, perfect to wear with jeans, pants, and all types of clothing.

MariE Colombian Post surgery, postpartum, after tummy tuck or after liposuction, and shapers has been a girdles brand with 33 Year experience and has a huge variety of products.

MariE Colombian Post surgery, postpartum, after tummy tuck or after liposuction, and shapers has been a girdles brand with 33 Year experience and has a huge variety of products.

The top rated seller category is high compression girdles composed of 84 %polyamide 16% elastane lined in cotton distributed by Caribbean Shape in USA. However, not all Colombian girdles are made of Powernet. Some brands use spandex but because spandex can become unsanitary from constant use, and it also stretches out too much and loses its shape this is a reason why Powernet is the better option for a Post-surgery/postpartum girdle.

Powernet does not stretch from use, making it durable and hold up to constant wear longer. This is because it is made out of lycra threads covered in cotton instead of rubber threads like spandex. In addition, powernet is cross threaded diagonally, which makes the fabric tougher due to threads supporting each other causing the garment to keep its shape. The compression on the muscles and skin will remain constant with wear, it will not stretch out during use.

Also powernet has different compositions; 84/16, 80/20, 76/24, etc. These composition numbers represent how concentrated the cotton thread is, and what the threads are made of. The 84% polyamide/16% elastane composition is a strong composition, recommended for post-surgical girdles, since it is firm and keeps its shape. Also, it has small cavities to allow your skin to breathe. This material does not stretch much after washing or use. It is considered anatomical because it sticks to your body shape and does not stretch any more.
On high Compression Powernert girdles size may chose according to waist and hips measures see size chart attached on the photo.

Tummy tuck Bodyshaper 9633 Mocca

MariaE offer the Best quality available on Tummy Tuck Body shaper Market.

Made of Powernet 84% Poliamida 16% elastano and lined on cotton those Girdles Become one of the best offer because the composition make those girdles very comfortable and effective for post plastic surgery patient.

MariaE Post Surgery collections are firm control but those are breathable and hygienic items. 9633 Tummy Tuck Bodyshaper is one of the best sellers by MariaE brand the Zipper on the size

Make this item more discreet.

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Why butt lifting girdle shorts are a great addition to your wardrobe

As women age, and especially after giving birth, skin has a tendency to lose elasticity and muscle tone. This also holds true for the skin on the derriere. A butt lifter girdle panty from Caribbean Shape will help to reduce the effects of gravity as well as support the muscles to give a natural appearance of a well-kept derriere. Caribbean Shape’s butt lifting high waist shorts are perfect with jeans as they can’t be seen through your pants but give you the effect you want. Caribbean Shape’s shorts and girdles are high compression, which means that they can be used as a post surgical or post partum item for a speedy recovery. They also allow you to rest after a cosmetic surgery, which will make you love them even more!

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