Wearing shape wear during pregnancy

Normal shape wear should not be worn during the pregnancy. Most high compression shape wear is marketed as post-pregnancy because wearing these high-compression girdles would not be good for the baby.
However, we know that you do not want to stop your diet or weight loss routine during pregnancy. This is why MariaE has designed all-new maternity shape wear! These items are perfect for women who are pregnant and have a noticeable baby bump.
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MariaE Factory Machinery

Our production modules are formed by Japanese machinery that includes electronic systems that allow for the greatest precision possible, and efficiency during operations. Equally as important, these machines are maintained and sealed, as to prevent oil spills or any residue on the material.


The materials utilized in MariaE products meet all quality standards. Our systems and audits of materials are focused on the inspection of characteristics such as: color, design, texture, and measurement, which are fundamental for the optimization of the product.
The material is inspected before being implemented with the help of a sensor that checks for any imperfections on the material, preventing any incomformities with the product.

MariaE and its use of state of the art machinery

For the manufacturing of our products, it is important to use adequate machinery that meets the specified quality requirements. Our production plants uses electronic machines that helps us maintain the highest level of precision and efficiency possible when it comes to constructing a girdle.
It is important that during the process of production, the working environment is free of contamination, which is why the setup and lubrication of the machinery are guaranteed to be completely clean and apt for its use.
For Fajas MariaE, it is fundamental to optimize all of its manufacturing processes through the acquisition of state of the art machinery. Therefore, we are partnered with our machinery suppliers, who are world renowned for their quality and technological breakthroughs.

The combination of state of the art machinery and carefully examined processes result in high quality products manufactured by MariaE.

MariaE Colombian Post surgery fajas always in the vanguard

Fajas MariaE is a company dedicated to the design, production, and commercialization of daily-use and post-surgical garments, focused on constant innovation, offering to our customers products manufactured with the highest quality standards.

The manufacturing philosophy of MariaE is focused in constant innovation of designs of products, the technology used, such as machines, as well as the training of every employee, allowing MariaE to achieve the highest quality standards.

This manufacturing philosophy or product model is also bound to the continuous improvement through the standardization and optimization of products and processes.

Birth of the brand Fajas MariaE

Fajas MariaE is born from the experience lived by a woman in the 90s that, after having three children, searched for more confidence in improving her figure and posture. She began to mix materials and design garments that could exercise control on the desired areas, and finally obtain the curves that once made her body harmonious. This started an evolution of this type of garments, where their creation depended on the necessities of all women that were looking to look better.

Over time, garments were created for specific functions, such as fajas for daily use, designed to offer molding and comfort to the woman that is active every day. There are also medical necessities, for which garments also begin to arise. Fajas began to become an essential item for cosmetic surgery patients, being a garment that helps with swelling, controls skin firmly, and achieves results searched for by the surgeon. Garments are also developed for sport activities, where, with help of complements such as diets and reducing gels, satisfying results are achieved, such as a more toned and healthy body.

Maternal garments were designed for the woman carrying a child, who does not want firm control but rather assistance with keeping her posture straight, without causing any damage to the baby. Masculine fajas were also created because many men are looking to improve the way they look.

This way, MariaE started growing as a specialist in beauty and body care products, always keeping in mind three fundamental pillars for its development process: quality, design, and service. With great attention to these pillars, a great process is achieved for a company wants to expand its customer base to other countries, such as the brand Fajas MariaE. To this day, MariaE is in charge of designers and operators, taking care of details in manufacturing and quality, which makes part of the great success of the brand MariaE

Mocha Girdle line

Caribbean Shape offers a great selection of girdles that can benefit your recovery from a cosmetic surgery, improve weight loss, and improve recovery from giving birth if used daily.
In our big selection of inventory, we have a line of mocha girdles, made for ladies with mocha skin tones or for wearing under dark or mocha-colored clothing.

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Colombian Compression Push-Up Garment

The most common use of the Colombian Push-Up garments are post-surgical use and post-partum use, but other affects you can take advantage of include push-up use from a girdle. For example, push-up panty girdles are designed to lift your bottom and also counteract gravity’s effect on your muscles. With the use of a push-up panty girdle, the muscle is well protected against gravity’s effect and will have a perfect look. Caribbean Shape’s push-up panty girdles are designed to give you a sexy look while taking care of your body.

Taking care of your body with Caribbean Shape Colombian Fajas

Even though Colombian fajas are amply known in the market as fajas for recovery time after a surgery, there are many other reasons for the product. One of them is the fact that it improves your body’s posture because of the high compression of the material, helping your back to stay straight, preventing a bad posture. It also helps with reducing muscular stress due to its compression, much like you would compress a strained muscle, and to reduce marks left by a bra or jeans.
Wearing a high compression Colombian faja will make you look great, all while taking care of your body!

Diets and high-compression Colombian fajas

Since we sell high-compression Colombian fajas, which are of great help to those who have tasked themselves with losing weight, we have had a big number of clients that are on a diet. From this clients, we have learned about different diets and experiences from these clients. We have learned that, unfortunately, some diets were not a good decision and caused as consequence, not weight loss, but weight increase, and some even caused dangerous eating disorders that involved health problems. For this reason, we have tasked ourselves with recommending a simple step to follow with the goal of avoiding these complications.

The step that must definitely be first is the visit to a professional dietitian. This is because a professional knows all technical tools which he or she learned during their professional studies to recommend and prescribe the measures and food to control your weight loss. A professional in nutrition most likely will order medical exams to know with certainty your hormonal levels and body composition, which will dictate your food portion sizes and components. As an example, a client of ours who did not know her protein levels were very high, based her diet in a daily salad with added protein, which unfortunately caused her protein levels to skyrocket, which turned out as a hormonal imbalance, giving her kidney problems and an eating disorder, which caused her to gain weight.

You must always accompany your diet with plenty of water, and a high-compression Colombian faja to reduce side effects such as stretch marks.

How high-compression girdles can help you lose weight

People who choose to stick to a diet lose weight quickly, and even more if they exercise during this period.

With weight loss comes size decrease. You can decrease up to 5 sizes in 6 months, which corresponds to about 40 pounds depending on starting weight.

Losing weight quickly is the goal of many, but you should also be careful, because unfortunately, many of these people encounter problems after their diets and exercise pays off, such as loose skin and muscle mass decrease.

Loose skin and loss of muscular mass are side effects that can be controlled if you have an organized diet designed by a professional dietitian, tons of exercise, and a high-compression girdle, which will help your skin return to your muscles and make the end result much better.

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