Surgery And Swelling Go Hand In Hand – The Compression Garment Extension Lets You Adjust Your Compression Garment’s Fit Initially And As The Swelling Subsides

Compression Garment Extension

Compression Garment Extension

During the recuperation period after cosmetic surgery, inflammation is a common problem and choosing the right size for post surgery compression garments can be very difficult. Improperly fitting compression garments can undermine the successful outcome of the surgery. The extent of swelling and the amount of time the inflammation lasts varies from patient to patient. There is no standard measurement to evaluate or anticipate the degree or duration of inflammation a patient will experience. For this reason, the Compression Garment Extension was designed to help our customers obtain the proper compression garment size and fit during their surgery recovery period. The Compression Garment Extension allows to you to make a compression garment bigger initially and then adjust the size down as the swelling reduces until such time as the extension is no longer required. The Extension Garment immediately extends your compression garment two to three sizes larger. As the inflammation decreases, the patient can adjust the Faja Compression Garment Extension to maintain a proper fit.

The Compression Garment Extension is designed to be used with Maria E brand hooks style compression garments, specifically styles 9142, 9152, 9182 and 9334.

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Why you should wear a faja colombiana post-surgery after giving birth

For nine months your body has been stretching, torn and spread, during pregnancy you will gain between 9-12 kilograms of weight. You will also increase at least 2 sizes, but in the end all of this sacrifice will be worth it to see the new beginning of your life.

You probably won’t return to your pre-pregnancy weight for some time, but you will begin to lose a significant amount of weight immediately after delivery. Even subtracting between 7 to 8 pounds of the baby, about a pound or so of placenta, and another few pounds of blood and amniotic fluid lost is not enough to return your body to the same size you used to be before your pregnancy. So it is time to start working.

A good weight loss program is not the only tool you need, but also you need a good diet program and definitely and good faja colombiana post- partum (Girdle) high compression. The faja colombiana post-partum has many benefits:
-It helps restore muscle tone.
-It helps with your posture especially when you are breast feeding.
-it helps to shrink your hip again.
-It helps you to restore your regular shape.

Remember that it took you nine months to add the weight, and set a realistic goal for you to take nine months to drop it. Wearing one faja colombiana post-partum high compression at all times is going to help a lot.

Powernet Smart Material for Fajas Girdles

Powernet is a material that recently started to be used in shape wear.  In the past, powernet was used on prescription items for burned patients to help restore elasticity in the burned area; also, powernet was the first material used in varicose veins patients to help reduce and alleviate bulging.  Also, powernet is used as an orthopedic garment.

Today this material is incorporated in the manufacturing of post-surgery and post-partum girdles because it has many benefits:  

Powernet   is a high compression but does not interrupt the circulation, powernet  is woven in hexagonal way like gauze.  The gauzing stitches allows the skin to breathe, making powernet hygienic. The elastic threads of powernet are double covered in cotton.  For this reason you do not feel heat.

Fajas Colombianas, Post Surgery/Post Partum

Capris Style levanta colas with hooks in Powernet

Powernet use in the manufacturing of girdles  is a technological breakthrough in the post-surgical textile industry.

This girdle is for all women, young and old, who want to take care of their bodies.

There are many benefits to using powernet:

  • It helps in posture by preventing the accumulation of fat in the abdomen by keeping your skin firm and not sagging.
  • Prevents bra bulge by keeping the area firm.
  • Helps prevent muffin tops.
  • Helps the buttocks area fight gravity by lifting them up where they should be.
  • The most important of all is that it helps your skin recuperate its elasticity.  It does this by keeping your skin tightly tucked in; of course this doesn’t happen overnight nor is it a miracle worker.
  • Powernet helps to mold your body making your appearance seem smaller.
  • This shapewear is for all women, young and old, who want to take care of their bodies.