Liposuction may be the solution that some women have to remove the fat located on the back since these are very difficult to improve with exercise routines. These patients also find it difficult to find the adequate girdle for post-surgical recovery since most girdles are not designed to cover and drain the back part. Reference 4380 is the solution for these patients as it is designed to cover the entire back and is made of high compression Powernet which makes it ideal as a post-surgical girdle in this specific case.


This intervention is not the solution to obesity, it is and should be used as an alternative to extinguish unwanted fat in areas that exercise cannot eliminate. Generally these areas of the body are the abdomen, waist, thighs, arms, etc. Candidates to practice this operation must have a health status consistent, with stable values ​​and not have sequelae of diseases and even have a vital weight, because to practice this type of operations must first reach a body stability in order to avoid Side effects detrimental to the patient.

Liposuction is an aesthetic operation implemented to stylize the figure of people, both men and women who wish to do so. The process is given by subtracting fat or the components that resemble it, in one or more specific zones. The device used to subtract the fat is called a cannula, it is connected to an apparatus that is a kind of syringe which is introduced to the areas to apply the extraction, in another order of ideas the liposuction does not consist of an opening of body meat but in an extraction proper.

The recovery of this operation is given by stages distributed in a couple of weeks, however, the primary care is to avoid efforts or sudden movements. The rest of the immobility is immediate after the operation and during this, it is where you should be more careful, as a curious fact, to be cautious during this stage, reduce the risk of suffering any unwanted damage. After a month, the patient can resume their daily activities but using the special faja, which will allow the adjustment of the organs and tissues to the change they were subjected.

After an operation of this category, the life of the patient changes, for this to be positive it is necessary to make use of the girdle, this will allow to put each part of the body in its place, help to alleviate the discomfort caused by the intervention and facilitate the few movements that can be done without abuse, hastens the healing of the areas, gives the body the desired shape, decreases the swelling, reaffirms the new figure of your body, among others. It can be said that the faja is indispensable in these types of operations since apart from speeding up the recovery, it will seal what was done with the intervention.

It is advisable to take into account several aspects to practice this surgery, for example, consult and verify the experience of the aesthetic specialist, honestly meet the requirements to undergo this operation, use the girdle during the time that the doctor stipulated and be correct with this, If it is not met, the results cannot be as expected. The sample offered in reference 4380 is the Powernet fabric girdle, providing better compression that will facilitate the postoperative process

Buttlifter shorts

This reference is perfect for ladies who need only a little help in the hip either by effects of falling muscle due to the force of gravity or by muscle flaccidity. Made in high compression Powernet, this reference lifts the butt in a natural way. In addition to this, it has a silicone band that has on the leg, makes it stick to the thigh and does not run or mark. Since it is not marked, it is perfect for jeans and shorts, ideal for summer wear.

Calzon Levanta Cola Caribbean Shape 5001

This innovative option for women who want to wear a better silhouette is consolidated in the material that this brand offers, the Powernet consists of a type of elastic fabric that is manufactured based on elastene and polyamide. The fajas that are of this material have more attributes than any other type of fabric, and is that advantages such as the ease of adaptation to the body of people, the greater compression and the better recollection that it gives in the body, position it as a good investment that can be made to carry the silhouette of the body with the appropriate materials.

The shorts buttlift in Powernet fabric, is not an obstacle in the daily movements of the people who use it, on the contrary, it allows ease for daily activities. Besides, they help the body to get used to it, that is, instead of enslaving the body to a faja, they mold it to a more aestheticised figure. Among other advantages that this fabric offers; It is found that it is delicate in terms of skin care, it is not a rustic fabric but cotton and therefore does not obstruct the pores of the skin. It is also antiallergic.

It has been proven the enhancement that these fajas offer to the body. The short is made up of pads that adapt naturally to the butt and gives a very subtle impression of the lifting that is sought with this. The quality has also been evidenced by the excellent results that are obtained after a period of use, in another order of ideas, of the coupling that is obtained in the body after the constancy in the use.

As for the comfort that the user who is wearing it can feel, it should be noted that it is very comfortable and soft. In the long term, this specimen will improve the quality of life while giving a better physical appearance. In our selection, we offer the best for you, acquire the reference 5001

Bad posture of the back

Bad back posture and the formation of fat bags in the waist is the most frequent result of executive women who spend long hours in front of the computer. The use of the corset 390 could be the solution for these women. Reference 390 is a comfortable and delicate girdle, perfect to wear with office clothes. This faja covers the entire back, corrects posture and shapes the waist.

ref 390 caribbean shape


Poor posture is a very damaging effect that is present in women whose work is at least eight hours in front of a computer and in an office. However, the degree of the serious and damaging consequences that can leave for life is unknown. Bad posture leaves a sensitivity in terms of injuries, that is, it makes you more prone to suffer and suffering, there are not enough defenses to counterattack, bad posture is an inadequate form to which the body is accustomed and which subsequently It will be very difficult to bring it back to the correct one.

As for the physical appearance, it leaves an unpleasant aspect in the lower part of the torso, because the fat accumulates there and adapts to that part of the body a bulge very inappropriate for appearance. Since the defenses are decreasing, the body becomes less strong and the drugs that attack the pain of the muscles are immunized.

Lumbar pain is one of the consequences of having the back in bad position, however, making use of the girdle, is something to which you can say goodbye, as well as the pains that attack the entire center area of ​​the back, torticollis and other discomforts that are common after wanting to stand up.

Good posture begins in the way we sit, it is not advisable to cross the legs because it hinders circulation, it is right to keep both feet on the ground with straightness as well as the back. At the moment and to begin with, getting used to it is usually a bit painful, but when adaptation is achieved, the improvement in the quality of life will be very noticeable.

The correct physical appearance is synonymous with health; therefore, the care must start from within, doing constant exercises to not let the bones rust, this will avoid projecting a deteriorated physical image that if the work is in an office in front of the public, It will not be favorable. Finally, this reference supports in terms of being able to maintain a good posture, remembering that his job is mostly to make habit and habit to the column time to sit and even walk, getting better bearing with upright position.

The strip that reference 390 offers is a product that meets the needs of those executives, it will not be anything notorious in their uniform and these people will be made more bearable and healthy work. Similarly, it is important to note that a good size starts from within, so it is recommended to stay active with the exercises while the faja assists in achieving excellent physical and internal health

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Use of fajas for cosmetic surgeries:

The use of girdles had been commonly recommended for patients of cosmetic surgery, postpartum or people in weight loss procedures but nowadays the excellent results in the correction of posture make the girdles become an indispensable everyday garment in the closet of each woman.

The fajas in their proper use, they contribute to the body to mold it healthily, when it comes to the use that should be given after a surgical operation, they assist the body to heal and help to return to their natural state those muscles and / or tissues that were removed due to the intervention. This type of girdles adapt easily to the body, it is an adaptation of a physical garment that in a couple of days merges with the new figure and gets used to its new position.

After a cosmetic operation or even a cesarean, the use of the faja is necessary, since the first few days the first reaction to an operation of that category, will be swelling / inflammation and the faja does nothing but help the body to couple to the new figure that is being given.

Some surgeries that necessarily make use of a faja in their post surgery recovery process are liposuction, reduction of abdomen, tummy tuck, dermolipectomy and even after a natural birth, it is the girdle that in the following days will cause the organs to return to their site. For now, the results cannot even be appreciated, and it is thanks to the faja that after a while you can get the results that were initially desired, to the point that not using it, there may be a bad adaptation of the body and may be a figure that was not wanted.
The technology for fajas nowadays has a long history, because they are of a very versatile fabric which is resistant but at the same time very thin, it is a lycra that generally is easily attached to the newly operated organism , it is worn underneath the clothes and the evolution has been such that it is not even notorious in undesired scale.

In addition to the above, the use of post-operative fajas helps take control with several aspects, among them: the pain that results as a sequel to the surgery because it immobilizes part of the body to prevent a sudden movement from affecting negatively while it is in that recovery process which with the use of the faja is given more quickly, therefore It is recommended to make the effort while getting used to the new figure and everything will yield more easily as for example the reduction of inflammation. Among other benefits is also found that it improves body posture, a good habit which will also become accustomed and at the same time, it is decreasing flaccidity. Among the consequences that can be avoided using the postoperative faja is fibrosis, a topic that is usually very delicate if it is not taken care of.

In another order of ideas, it can be said that the purpose of the use of post-operative fajas is to control the body in general, after a cosmetic surgery makes sudden changes in the body, so it is suggested to take into account the importance of using them, with their compression mechanism to the body they even prevent possible hemorrhages and add to the healthy recovery. We invite you to visit our web site: and get the product with the reference 4380 and 4381.

Use of girdles in sports practices:

The use of girdles in sports practices could prevent muscular injuries since they protect the bone system and the muscular system from excessive stress or even accidents linked to muscular stress. In the past, the uncomfortable leather fajas were the whole selection for athletes who wanted to protect themselves from injuries in their sporting practices, but today there is a high selection of designs not only to protect the spine but also to protect the entire rib cage including the back.

Fajas in sports practices mainly prevent injuries due to forced exercise, since these achieve a better containment at the time of training, these injuries are normal in anyone who practices a sport, however, it is recommended for those who frequently train muscles like the waist, the effect that gives in the back making it stay firm while the movements are made, will result in a bearable routine and more effective without having to worry that some bad movement laves lumbar sequels or other contraction in the muscles.

ref 350 sport Caribbean shape

The girdle serves as an assistant when performing a series of exercises, therefore it is advisable to combine certain exercises where the girdle can fulfill a good role that fortifies the area to be practiced but at the same time, other areas of the body remain in place. its place and that is how an unwanted injury is prevented.

The fajas in sports practice is beneficial from various points of view, because as discussed above, are a kind of assistant to exercise, and congruence prevents lumbar injuries, gives rigidity in the muscles, a fact that is necessary to not have bad movements, besides improving the posture giving an adaptation to the body with the passage of time, in the same way they release the traction back resulting in a more relaxing exercise, they add up in the pelvic area so that the spine is always rectified and prevent future pain, and in general make the exercise routine healthier, improving the condition and physical resistance so it is ideal for those people whose discipline is lifting weights.

If you have a lumbar injury that is already affecting you for a long time we advise you to acquire a rigid texture, it will help you to improve it and correct it. To attack the injury resulting from a muscle hernia, choose a semi-rigid and perform your quieter exercise routine. In general terms, we recommend that you use the fajas to complete your exercises and you will protect yourself from any sudden movement that could cause you harm.

It is very important to emphasize that the good use of the fajas for athletes is more appreciated when seen from the point of view of protection and care of the back and vertebrae, there are many experiences of athletes that despite being very successful in their race, suffer from the low back pain, it was previously stressed that it even becomes normal, so that the fajas, provided they are given proper use and indicated by a specialist, will give the necessary protection to practice the disciplines that require it and be out of danger.

The evolution has also penetrated the market of the fajas, there is a variety in this range, where you can already choose between several designs that have characteristics adaptable to your need, the most avant-garde and according to your life context to select the one that most adds to your health. We invite you to visit our web site: and get the product with the reference 350 designed to protect the column.

The problem of varicose veins

The problem of varicose veins is not only a health problem, varicose veins in one of the most cited problems that injures the self-esteem of women who suffer from it, since varicose veins are painful and are very evident and appear a bit unpleasant. To help our clients to deal with this issue we developed the perfect and super discreet girdle, this is the reference girdle 7005. This garment looks and dresses like any trousers but has incorporated inside a girdle like compression socks for varicose veins. On the other hand, this girdle 7005 also has a corset girdle incorporated into the pants to help at the same time to the molding of the waist. Find the reference 7005 on our website

REF 7005

When we speak of varicose veins, we refer to veins that are obstructed because the valves that work in a unidirectional way are not working properly, that is, the blood is not circulating correctly to the heart. They can appear throughout the body but usually concentrate on the legs, making silhouettes that protrude from the skin becoming robust and blue, red and / or green that give a bad appearance.

When the problem is related to varicose veins, the fajas are the first option that is taken to control them and before proceeding to another treatment, often acts with it. Fortunately, this type of condition does not merit hospitalization or anything else, that is why the alternatives that arise to deal with them are such as is a faja. The specialized fajas for varicose veins have particular characteristics that must be taken care of and that it is not at all recommendable the self-induction of the model to use, on the contrary, the fajas will be provided as long as the level of the varicose veins is favorable for this treatment.

The procedures to alleviate varicose veins are not currently invasive, otherwise they are ambulatory practices that are done if this has not yet gone out of control in the case of the patient. The bands infuse in the legs where these defective veins are usually centered and with their compression mechanism what they do is that they help the blood circulate in the muscles more easily, but the particularity of this strategy is that they carry a series of medications that are not the same as wearing tight clothing, you are designed to help improve varicose veins, while tight clothing will only make the varicose veins worse.

The use and material of the faja will vary depending on the case, as well as the frequency of use and the duration of the same on the legs. While at the same time of use, you must take into account a very simple exercise routine and a balanced diet, but you should always keep in mind that although the remedies are home-made since you do not need medical attention exaggeratedly dedicated, there is than to carry out a previous check to establish the steps to follow.

As mentioned above, the varicose vein fajas are acceptable if and only if they have not even consumed the daily capacity of a person, to have this condition in the most advanced veins, it is suggested to assist the specialist and apply treatments that are a little deeper and above all things, do not use any faja that affects more veins. Check our catalog, we adapt to you.