Tummy tuck Bodyshaper 9633 Mocca

MariaE offer the Best quality available on Tummy Tuck Body shaper Market.

Made of Powernet 84% Poliamida 16% elastano and lined on cotton those Girdles Become one of the best offer because the composition make those girdles very comfortable and effective for post plastic surgery patient.

MariaE Post Surgery collections are firm control but those are breathable and hygienic items. 9633 Tummy Tuck Bodyshaper is one of the best sellers by MariaE brand the Zipper on the size

Make this item more discreet.

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Why butt lifting girdle shorts are a great addition to your wardrobe

As women age, and especially after giving birth, skin has a tendency to lose elasticity and muscle tone. This also holds true for the skin on the derriere. A butt lifter girdle panty from Caribbean Shape will help to reduce the effects of gravity as well as support the muscles to give a natural appearance of a well-kept derriere. Caribbean Shape’s butt lifting high waist shorts are perfect with jeans as they can’t be seen through your pants but give you the effect you want. Caribbean Shape’s shorts and girdles are high compression, which means that they can be used as a post surgical or post partum item for a speedy recovery. They also allow you to rest after a cosmetic surgery, which will make you love them even more!

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Why you should wear a Colombian sport waist cincher

Note: After a cosmetic surgery, some doctors recommend to purchase a post surgery faja. This is a different item, as it is made from a different material.

A popular reason why women use waist cinchers are to reduce your waist size. However, this is not the only benefit waist cinchers have. Wearing one while working out will make you sweat more, helping you to burn even more calories. You can even wear one while not at the gym. You can burn calories if you wear your waist cincher while walking your dog or cleaning the house. You should also make sure you stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water while wearing a waist cincher, since you will sweat a lot. Our waist cinchers are made out of latex but are covered with cotton on the inside to improve hygiene. As a preventive measure, never wear a waist cincher if you’ve recently had a cosmetic surgery or a c-section, as the sweat can create an infection. You should also make sure that you do not put your waist cincher in the dryer, as the material they are made of can fracture and lose its fit.
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Las Fajas Post-partum están incluidas en la lista de compras de las Señoras embarazadas

Desde tiempos antiguos, el nacimiento de un bebe ha sido un gran evento familiar y cada miembro de la familia participa con gran entusiasmo.
Las familias tanto maternas como paternas suelen poner todo su tiempo y sabiduría al servicio de la Madre embarazada y del nuevo miembro de la familia.
Especialmente las mujeres de la familia, abuelas y mamas, trabajan juntas para ayudar a la madre en actividades como decorar el cuarto del bebe, algunas veces hasta tejer y coser la ropa, definitivamente a hacer buen shopping, preparar el baby shower, aconsejar a la madre acerca de las dietas alimenticias, todo con miras a favorecer a la madre y bebe en el tiempo del embarazo y también para después del parto.
Pero precisamente gracias a los nueve meses de dietas especiales, a que el cuerpo de la madre automáticamente guarda reservas para alimentar el bebe y a que como proceso natural el cuerpo se ensancha. La madre enfrenta grandes cambios en su cuerpo estos cambios suelen notarse después del nacimiento del Bebe.
Los 9 meses de cambios el cuerpo de la mujer suelen revertirse en aumento 2 a 4 tallas. Este aumento de talla no debe asustar a la nueva mama ya que es un proceso natural y también porque es posible regresar a la talla habitual. Posiblemente otros 9 meses de trabajo y el uso de una buena Faja Postpartum sea de gran ayuda para revertir este proceso natural y regresar a la talla habitual
Abuelas y mama ya an experimentado este proceso ellas por experiencia ya conocen algunos secreticos que serán de gran ayuda para la nueva mama, uno de esos secreticos es el uso de una faja para después del parto.
La compra de una Faja para después del parto también en la lista de shopping de las mujeres embarazadas ya que serán una ayuda definitivamente muy importante en el proceso de recuperar la figura habitual.
En el pasado estas abuelas y mama cosían a mano las Fajas Postpartum para el uso de las mujeres de la familia.
Hoy no es necesario coser a mano las fajas ya que diseñadores expertos en Colombia tomaron atenta nota de las ideas de las abuelas y mamas y trabajaron en tecnificar este gran producto logrando desarrollar un gran mercado con variedad de diseños y colores para que las mujeres embarazadas puedan contar con una larga selección de productos que las satisfagan a la de comprar la faja adecuada para usar después del parto.
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9317 MOKA fondo blanco

Girdle postpartum is also on the shopping list of soon-to-be mothers

Since the beginning of civilization, a newborn has always been good news to a family, and every member of the family participates with great enthusiasm.

Families from both the mother and father side usually get involved in the coming of the baby by giving time and knowledge to the parents.

Especially the women of the family, mothers and grandmothers, work together to help the mother with activities such as decorating the baby’s room, sometimes even sew clothes for the newborn, shopping for things that will be needed, prepare the baby shower, give tips to the mother on diets for during and after the birth.

Precisely because of the new special diets and the baby, the body of the mother automatically builds food reserves for the baby, and, as a natural process, the skin stretches. The mother faces great changes in her body which are noticeable after the birth.

During those 9 months of changes in the body, the mother tends to gain 2 to 4 sizes, which is noticeable after birth. The increase in size is not to scare you, though, since it is very possible to go back to your usual size, although it might take you another 9 months of work and the use of a good Girdle Postpartum.

The purchase of a Girdle postpartum is also on the shopping list of soon-to-be mothers, since they are such a great help in the process of recuperating your usual figure.

In ancient times, mothers handmade girdles postpartum. Nowadays, it is not necessary since expert designers in Colombia took notes of the ideas of mothers and grandmothers and worked to make it a manufactured product, successfully creating a huge market on different designs and colors so pregnant women can have a large market to choose a girdle postpartum that will satisfy their need for an after-birth faja.
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Colombian Girdle with adjustable hooks Post-surgery – Postpartum.

Colombian girdles with adjustable hooks sold by Caribbean Shape are designed by Colombian fajas experts.
The adjustable hooks system is being included as a necessary process in the manufacturing of Colombian fajas that are used in times of recovery after a cosmetic surgery or by women after giving birth. This is because adjustable hooks allow the patient to adjust the size of the faja to their correct size and later on to make it tighter as you lose sizes.

Since adjustable hooks have as a quality to allow patients move up and down sizes easier, these faja become in a great option for patients that have a problem with inflammation their first few weeks after surgery.

Buyers of the Colombian post-partum girdle also experience different degrees of inflammation after giving birth, which means they also have to deal with the same problems when choosing the correct size.

Thus, the adjustable hooks system included by designers in the manufacturing process of Colombian fajas is a great success that converts to a great option for women that use post partum girdles or the ones that use Colombian post surgery girdles.

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Faja Postpartum

Los fashionables Sport Waist cincher Llegaron para quedarse

Por múltiples beneficios encontrados en los Sport waist cincher parece ser que esta prenda llego para quedarse como prenda femenina de uso diaria
Estos son algunos de los beneficios de los Sport waist cincher:
Puede ser usada al igual que cualquier otra Faja Colombiana en las clases de Zumba, aeróbicos y rutinas de ejercicio para prevenir lesiones deportivas.
Puede ser usada como quemadora de grasa localizada y para potencializar la perdida de calorías en el gimnasio. Este último beneficio hace a los sport waist cincher ideales para acompañar tratamientos de pérdida de peso.
La corrección de postura también es un beneficios ya que al igual que cualquier corsé ayuda mantener la espalda en posición erguida
Como efecto del uso diario de los sport waist cincher usuarias están reportando la aparición de pronunciadas curvas de la cintura
Por el beneficio de ayudarnos a sacar curvas en cintura o curvas latinas que tanto deceamos las mujeres, los sport Waist cincher definitivamente llegaron para quedarse.

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Colombian Girdle full body with sleeves 9142 are perfect for fall and winter time

               Winter is close. We can tell because it gets colder, but also because overcoats, scarfs, gloves become popular once again and make their way back to our closet.

              Like all other kinds of clothing, Colombian fajas have winter styles. Faja 9142 full body with sleeves is currently on the stage, since it is a perfect clothing item for winter.

              Some qualities that make the 9142 full body faja with sleeves perfect for fall and winter are:;

              9142’s fabric is made up of 84% polyamide and 16% elastene and covered in cotton-lycra, which means the high compression material will keep you warm.

      The 9142 has a very discreet butt lifter made of 100% coton, which makes it a perfect item to wear with pants.

      The 9142 has a part on the high back that will hide the bumps made by bras, allowing you to wear any kind of clothing without worrying about the bumps showing.

     The 9142 has sleeves. They are perfect for the cold time, since they will keep your arms warmer.

These and more are the reasons why the 9142 Colombian faja is perfect for fall and winter.

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Benefits of Wearing a Compression Colombian Faja during Post-Surgery Recovery

Because Cosmetic surgery is a major trauma to the body. Your doctor may recommend that you wear a compression garment post-surgery.  Regardless of whether or not you doctor makes this recommendation, there are many reasons why you may need and should seriously consider wearing a compression garment following surgery.  Compression garments provide many benefits during post-surgery recovery including helping reshape muscle, minimizing bruising, promoting skin retraction and  preventing fluid shift in addition to providing comfort and support.

Compression Colombian Faja help reshape muscle

Surgical incisions can cut through many layers of muscle. The compression garment helps to stabilize the muscle so it can heal properly. This is especially important with cosmetic surgery.

Compression Colombian Faja  help minimize bruising

A normal result of surgery is blood leakage beneath the skin, or bruising.  By maintaining a consistent pressure against the skin, the compression garment keeps leakage to a minimum. Soon the surgical area will have a normal appearance.

Compression Colombian Faja help encourage skin retraction

For optimal healing, the skin needs to return to its snug fit against the body. The compression garment keeps the skin in place as it heals. The pressure from the compression garment keeps pockets from forming beneath the skin which can cause unsightly bulges.

Compression Colombian Faja can help prevent fluid shift

Fluid build-up under the skin is normal following surgery, causing post surgery swelling. The compression garment keeps the fluid in position and applies steady pressure against it, helping to reduce the swelling and promoting faster healing.

Compression Colombian Faja provide comfort and support

Tenderness around the surgical area is to be expected. The compression garment helps provide extra support for the healing areas and keeps pressure off the surgical incisions. Additionally, the added support from a compression garment gives the patient assurance during the recovery and healing process.

Take your doctor’s recommendation for a compression garment seriously. It will make your recovery easier and the surgery results better. Follow the doctor’s advice for how long to wear the garment; times will vary depending on the type of surgery and your progress.

Every Colombian Fajas Brand Has Its Own Identity.


The identity of a brand means the exclusive details and characteristics of a product. Because of this reason, designers work with dedication to find the best threads and fabrics in search of the perfect shape for the human body.

The search for the perfect shape is precisely what makes some products tighter or looser, according to the identity of the brand. This means that there are no standard measurements between brands. The topic of size measurements is one of the most sensitive and important topics in the market of Colombian Fajas.

Since a high-compression Faja is not conventional wear and does not have standard measurements, costumers have to rely on size charts provided by the manufacturer of the product purchased. Keep in mind that your size will vary from brand to brand.

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