Cold shapewear 4309

Our shapewear with reference number 4309 is bleeding edge weightloss technology, making it the most comfortable in the market, with bidimensional lycra to create great compression without the discomfort feeling of shapewear.

The smart fabric allows for putting it in the freezer in a ziplock bag without it getting wet. When putting it on, it helps tone your body and helps with inflammation of muscles after a cosmetic surgery.

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Cold Shapewear

Cold shapewear is designed to reduce concentrated fat in tissue, tone your body, and strengthen muscles. As an aesthetic treatment, the cold is a very good muscle toner, as muscle fibers contract from the cold, achieving toning and reaching consistently strong results and smoothing skin. The effect on tissue is deep. When constant and uniform cold is applied, the body uses the localized fat as a vehicle to elevate body temperature in the applied zone, eliminating the fat and toning the tissue at the same time.


-Aids weight loss

-Tones muscles and helps relieve flabbiness.

-Reduces edemas

-Reduces cellulite

-Stimulates the lymphatic system

-Improves skin’s looks


Put your shapewear in the freezer at night, inside a sealed bag. In the morning, remove it from the freezer and put it on for as long as possible.


People that use betablockers, those who suffer from vascular illnesses, smokers, and diabetics, must realize this therapy under medical supervision.

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Getting a Caribbean Shape is easier than you think! Using our reducing creams that you can find by clicking here and a latex faja such as our references 350 and 327, which you can find by clicking here, you can get a Caribbean Shape this summer, without doing much lifting. Using a reducing cream and a faja reduce sizes, and using them while drinking lots of water will increase the amount of calories you burn.

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Slimming Tea for a Slimmer You!

Our natural slimming teas can help you lose weight and get a slimmer shape. We have personally tried them, and they complement an exercise routine or a diet very well. They come in three different flavors, and they are all natural and healthy! There’s 30 tea bags in each box, making them very affordable, well under a dollar each!

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New to Caribbean Shape: Tea from Lipo Express!

New to Caribbean Shape is tea from LipoExpress: Moringa Tea, Pineapple flavored and Natural Herbs flavored Natural Slimming Tea!

The Moringa plant is a natural diuretic and laxative and great appetite suppressant accelerates your metabolism that way it helps you burn calories.

The Natural Herbs tea cleans your digestive system, regulates your metabolism and helps with constipation helping you lose weight.

The Pineapple Slimming tea will make your kidneys work properly by eliminating the extra access of liquids. Its high contents of fiber helps for a better function of the digestive system by stimulating and eliminating toxins and waste.

Sectional shapewear: great for going out!

Once upon a time, uncomfortable shape wear or corsets had to be worn under clothes, adding layers to your clothing. However, you can find many types of shape wear that are combinations of clothing items but include butt lifting and high compression! Some examples are reference 7010 and 7005, which combine pants with a butt lifting design and waist cincher!

Post surgery faja 9312

Post surgery faja 9312 is the perfect garment in our post surgery line, made with bidimensional spandex, which is a fabric that has elasticity in two directions.
Conventional spandex only has elastic fibers in one direction, which is why spandex tends to rip after stretching a lot. The new bidimensional spandex is knit in two directions with elastic fibers, which is why it supports high compression in a very comfortable manner.

Reference 9312 is designed with extra space in the front with 4 hook lines, and thanks to it, the faja can increase up to 3 sizes or go down in sizes with simply removing the front piece. This allows the garment to be used even when the body is swollen after surgery, but doesn’t become obsolete after you lose sizes, since you can simply reduce the faja’s sizing with the removable hooks.